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Dr. Tom Shinder of Recommends nFront Security

April 9, 2008

Dr. Tom Shinder of has recommended nFront Password Filter as a solution to enforcing a strong password policy. We would first like to take the time to thank Dr. Shinder for his plug.

It is very important that campanies realize the issue being brought up in the story above. Requiring the use of strong passwords is extremely important to any corporation's security initiatives. You can have the strongest and most advanced firewall and security appliances money can buy. If you have a single user on your domain that sets their password to "password" (or any other iteration) you might as well throw that fancy hardware out the window. Establishing and enforcing a strong password policy should be top on your things to do list.

nFront Password Filter makes things easy. Simply install the software and configure. You could be up and running in a matter of minutes for around the cost of a postage stamp per user (depending on user base of course, since nFront Password Filter is licensed per Domain Controller).

If you have any questions, don't hesistate to contact us and let us know.

Thanks again Dr. Shinder!

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nFront Security specializes in innovative software solutions for network security. The company's prominent program, nFront Password Filter, protects data integrity by establishing password policies that prevent the use of easily hacked passwords. This enforcement tool is available for Windows Active Directory and Microsoft SQL servers. Companies in more than 20 countries and numerous Fortune 100 companies use nFront Password Filter to meet SOX, HIPAA and PCI requirements. For more information, visit or call (404)348-4678.

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