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How Does the nFront Password Filter Client Work?

A common question from prospective customers who are interested in the nFront Password Filter is that they want to see how the Client works. The nFront Client provides a user-friendly interface for end-users when they need to change their password. When the nFront Client appears, the end-user’s password policy will display on the screen with a custom strength meter. What is the most exciting part of the nFront Client is the detailed feedback an end-user receives when changing their password. For example, if the word “Soccer” is in the company’s dictionary file for password blacklisting and the end-user enters “Soccer123” as their new password, the nFront Client will display a message that states the password failed due to the dictionary word “Soccer.” Furthermore, if the end-user creates a password and it does not include a special character and a special character is required, the nFront Client will display a detailed message letting the end-user know that a special character is required for their password. All of this can be seen in the below GIF of the nFront Client:

One of the most important reasons why a company would want the nFront Client is to eliminate end-user pushback against a more secure password policy. If an end-user has been getting by for years with Windows Password Complexity password requirements, they are accustomed to creating “Password123” and “ILoveFootball!” as passwords. However, those passwords will no longer be in compliance with the more secure password policy. To eliminate help desk calls and more work for the IT Department, the nFront Client solves it all! The end-user will know exactly what their password policy is and why their selected password does not meet requirements if they do not select a password in compliance with your company’s policy.

Are you wanting to see this work LIVE on your company’s network? Give the nFront Password Filter a try with a free 30 day trial of the software!

For any further questions about the software, please visit our website or contact our Sales Department.