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5 Minute Guide: Password Compliance and Education

Following specific password policies is critical in industries such as banking and healthcare. Protecting patients and clients from having confidential information leaked can be stressful. If one employee has Password123! as one of their passwords, then it can cost the firm a substantial amount of money. We can help you achieve the password requirements and avoid a breach or a failed audit. Below is a simple guide to ensure your firm is following the requirements that it might need for covering PCI password length requirements, HIPPA, Nerc CIP-007-1, and Sox 404. You can also read further details on our website or feel free to contact us.

What are other ways you can ensure your team is following these requirements? Dictionary blacklisting allows you to set a long list of common words that cannot be used such as sports teams and other categories frequently used. This highly helpful tool allows you to personalize the lists to include words that you know your team might use and put them on a blacklist. You can create lists that include the most commonly hacked words. Furthermore, adding length requirements and password expiration dates will secure your company. Having a password filter will allow you to create these settings and feel confident.