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Running a password cracker is a standard part of any security audit procedure.  Password crackers generally work in 4 ways – (1) a brute force crack (2) a dictionary crack (3) a hybrid dictionary crack and (4) rainbow tables.  The hybrid attack works by appending common phrases and sequences to dictionary words.  Rainbow tables work by using pre-calculated password hashes, and the size of the table depends on the original character set used. Most tables have alpha characters, alpha-numeric, or larger tables that include special characters.  However, none have tables that include ALT characters.

To create a password that cannot be cracked using a standard password cracking tool be sure to include a non-breaking space (  You can do so by typing ALT-0160 in the password using the numbers on the keyboard.  NOTE: on a laptop you must use Num lock.  Other ALT characters are a good choice but a non-breaking space is even better because it is also not detected by most keyloggers.  Such a password is a great choice for accounts like Domain Admins, Enterprise Admins and the built-in Administrator account on servers.

To learn more about password crackers and steps you can take to thwart them, please download our whitepaper.

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