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Passwords For Dummies

Are you struggling at work to create a password that won’t get you in trouble for being “too easy” or “too weak? Or are you struggling to educate your employees on how to make a secure password so your company doesn’t get hacked? Either way… let this infographic be your inspiration for the making of a secure password. Each step of this password guide is based on facts.

Step 1: Pick any 3 digit number.

This number should not resemble a date of birth, phone number, home address, social security number, or anything else of the like. Studies have shown that most people use a maximum of 2 digits and place the number at the end of their password.

Step 2: Pick the name of a city that you have never visited.

The city’s name should be a minimum of 6 characters long. The goal for this step is to create substance for the password. Having a word that is not associated with any part of your life will ensure that a hacker won’t guess your password through a social engineering or guessing.

Step 3: Pick a symbol to use.

Studies have shown that the most common symbol used is an exclamation point, and it’s commonly used at the end of a password. The goal is to create password entropy. The more character types used, the less likely a hacker is able to crack your password with a rainbow table.

Step 4: Pick you least favorite food.

The food should have a minimum of 5 characters in length. Also, studies have shown that most people capitalize the first letter of the first word. To avoid following common patterns, capitalize the first letter of the second word. The goal for this step is to create substance for the password and to reach a minimum of 15 characters in length. Most rainbow tables can only crack passwords of 14 characters or less.

Step 5: Combine all steps and your password is completed!

If you have any questions about your company’s password security, then please contact us at [email protected] Download our 30-day free trial here!

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