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Passwords Aren’t The Problem – We Are!

For the past few years, certain IT and security professionals have associated passwords as being negative due to recent data breaches. They recommend using biometrics, smart card readers, and other similar technology. The first password was used back in 1961 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Passwords have been around for over fifty years! These new technologies have not nearly been around as long as passwords.

Instead of trying to “throw away” a trusted solution for newer technology with not as much research, why don’t we figure out why passwords are being hacked?

Let’s first analyze how passwords are being created. An IT Security professional at each company is responsible for creating a password policy that will prevent data breaches and ensure that employees are creating a strong password. This written or verbal password policy is emphasized to company employees. Passwords are being created by end users of computers. The passwords are not being created by the computers. It is a user’s responsibility to select a secure password that will not be easily hacked. Read about why you should allow users to choose their own password here.

With that being said – who or what is the problem? Is it the password or the employee creating the password? Your guide to a hack-proof dictionary blacklist can be read here.

Passwords Aren't The Problem - We Are!

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