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Poor Password Security Is Like Swimming With Sharks

If you watch the television series, Shark Week, that premieres for only one week per year, you might relate to the creepy, spine-chilling feeling when you watch people go underwater with lots of sharks. Some people have meat around their cages to really call the shark’s attention. What goes through their head? In our case, the sharks are the hackers. They swim around the Dark Web looking for their next company to attack.

With the rapid increase in hackers gaining access to data, poor password security could practically be just as risky as swimming with sharks. All it takes is one hacker to guess the weak password of someone working from home or of an inactive account just as if it takes one shark to come up to you underwater. Whether you cost your company millions of dollars or you are rushed to the ER, they are both pretty scary.

Recently, the Colonial Pipeline became breached due to a poor password belonging to an employee who no longer worked there. It caused the entire southeast to face a major gas shortage. Had the company used the nFront Account Disabler, this would have never happened. According to IBM, CISOs are most likely to be held responsible for data breaches. Rather than jeopardizing your network, implementing a strong password policy is easy and has a low maintenance fee. In fact, it will be your easiest project of the year!

One of the first steps you can take is seeing just how many weak passwords are on your network by checking out our free nFront Weak Password Scanner. Our new tool allows you to scan your Active Directory against a list of over 600 million compromised passwords in less than one second. You can see exactly which employees use a compromised password.

The nFront Password Filter allows up to ten, fully customizable password polices in the same Windows domain. Privileged accounts can have stricter policies than mainframe users. Additionally, dictionary blacklisting is used to prevent users from selecting words such as “Georgia,” “football,” and “Company Name.” Let’s stick to keeping hackers far away and watching Shark Week on TV. We would be happy to help you create a strong password policy for your organization! Contact us here.  

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