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6 Common Traits Hackers Exploit

Many people believe that hackers started at the dawn of computers and the internet being created. In fact, that is not true. Hackers evolved into hacking computers, smartphones, the internet, and so much more! One of the first known hacks occurred back in 1903. One of the world’s first hackers used Morse code insults to disrupt a public demonstration of Marconi’s wireless telegraph at the Royal Institution. Marconi was preparing to send Morse code from London to Cornwall in the United Kingdom – over 300 miles away. Instead, the demonstration was hacked and Marconi was publicly insulted.

You may be thinking, this isn’t a hack. According to Merriam-Webster, a hacker is “a person who illegally gains access to and sometimes tampers with information.” Indeed, this was the start of hackers. Hackers have been around for over one-hundred years and the hacks are only getting worse! Every time we hear of a new hack, it is more dramatic than the last with more personal data being exposed, money being stolen, and companies suffering. The Windows password policy allows weak passwords.

Here are six common traits that hackers have continuously exploited in the most recent years:

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