nFront Account Disabler

How is nFront Account Disabler Licensed?

nFront Account Disabler is licensed based on the number of active (i.e. not disabled) users in the Windows domain where it will operate. If you wish to run nFront Account Disabler in more than one domain you must purcahse a license for each domain.

License Cost

Version Part #
Price USD
nFront AD Disabler - 200 user NADD-200
nFront AD Disabler - 2000 user NADD-2000
nFront AD Disabler - 10000 user NADD-10000
nFront AD Disabler - unlimited users NADD-ENT

What about upgrades / maintenance?

There is no charge for upgrades or tech support for the first year that you own the product. After the first year you may optionally renew a maintenance contract at a cost of 20% of the product price. The maintenance contract will cover:

  1. Access to updated versions
  2. Access to phone and priority email support