nFront Web Password Change

A Password Change Portal that is "nFront" aware.

The nFront Web Password Change is a password change portal for AD users which is "nFront Password Filter" aware.  It is a small software package that you install on Internet Information Server.  It understands the password policies defined with nFront Password Filter. When the user enters his or her name and tabs to the next field the password policy rules that apply to the specific account are retrieved and displayed.  If the user attempts a password change that is disallowed by nFront Password Filter a more detailed failure message will be displayed and the user will be given another attempt to change his or her password.

When a user types in their password the password policy rules that apply to their specific account are displayed.

nFront Web Password Change - Password Rules

If the user types a password that does not meet the rules, the screen refreshes and shows the exact reasons for failure.

nFront Web Password Change - Password Failure


  • Great solution for offsite users or VPN users who need to change their password.
  • Great solution for users of non-Windows machines where it is not possible to run our regular client
  • You can reduce helpdesk calls from people who are not aware of the exact password policy requirements.
  • You can load the software in minutes with no need to reboot.

Up and Running in 5 minutes

You can install the software in less than 5 minutes.  There is no configuration except for the registration code to be entered if you purchase the product.


  • Windows 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, or Server 2022
  • Internet Information Server
  • .NET Framework 3.5 or later installed
  • nFront Password Filter installed on all Domain Controllers

The Technicals

The software uses the same client DLL that is used in the nFront Password Filter Client.  The client DLL has the technology to communicate with any DC using encrypted RPC to pull a list of password policy rules and to check the password against the rules.  The software connects to the nFront Password Policy service on any DC.  If the password meets the nFront Password Filter rules a call to the standard password change API is initiated.  The password change may still fail if the password is one that has been used in the past X passwords depending on your domain-level password history settings.